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PRO KIT for Planing

No underwater strapping makes this the only system for planing on your standard paddle board.

CUSTOM printed

3D printed in engineering strength materials for specific board width ( 6,5 or 4 inches ) - or whatever your custom board thickness is.

Integrated fin holders

Option to sail with no side fins, large fins for beginners or small fins for more advanced users. Windsurf on any board.

Developed for windsurfers

Developed by windsurfer for windsurfers - accepts all your sails up to the very large.

No board modifications required

Unique clamp system means you do not have to stick any potentially damaging mounts to your board - just slip over the board edges and tighten - convert your board in seconds to take a sail.


Our ultimate planing pack solution for windsurfing on a SUP or ISUP. This ISUP / SUP windsurf adapter converts your board into a windsurfur without making any permanent changes to your board. Incorporating custom printed side clamps for your board and univesal mast attachment to fit any 8mm mast foot. Ships with additional strapping so that you can use the mast foot adapter on any board.



Developed by windsurfer for windsurfers - this is not just an ISUP adapter - there are many wind conditions where you are going to have more fun with your ISUP than on your boards. Light winds and big sails, or on waves where the wind is not ripping but you want to be surfing with smaller sails and the boyancy of a wavaes ISUP  and just some of the conditions where you might be leaving your hard boards at home.



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