Windsurfing on a paddle board has never been easier!

There are 2 issues with windsurfing on a paddle board. The first is how to attach the mast the second is how to stop the paddle board drifting.

The SUPFLY PRO adpater solves both of these issues in a way that does not require any modification to your board.

The clamp design of the windsup adapter means that there is very reduced water resistance on the underneath of the board. Other strap systems suffer from the problem of the strap vibrating and twisting against the flow of the water. Even a small strap will have the same resistance as trying to drag a plank of wood through the water in on its side. This makes normal sailing irritating and fast sailing impossible.

The supfly adapter allows you to plane while you windsup

It also has integrated fin holders and the FIN PACK ships with small or large fins so that you can control according to the wind and the level of your ability how much windsup drift stoppage you want.

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